Take Heart! Trouble is Inevitable but in Christ so is Peace

2015 Scripture Memory Team Verse 6

It is inevitable that we will have struggles and difficulty in this world. It is a fallen world. But God does not leave us to flounder and fail. He has stepped in and made a way for us to overcome the impact and influence of the world around us and the sinful nature within us. When we accept his way, he gives us a new heart. The words Jesus spoke to his disciples on the night before his crucifixion convey this hope. We just need to take hold of it. That is why I’ve chosen John 16:33 as my next memory verse.

John 16:33, NIV

I want to experience God’s peace in the midst of pain, his calm in the midst of crisis, and his love in the midst of loneliness.

Unfortunately, my natural reaction when the waves of this world crash upon my shores, is to try to withstand the onslaught in my own strength. I won’t overcome the world in my strength, and God doesn’t ask me to. Etching these words into my brain will help me remember that.

I will experience peace when I am in him. When I walk in relationship with him and let him into my life, peace is the natural outcome.

This seems foolish to those who haven’t experienced it. But I’ve experienced it and know it is true. Jesus offers us a new heart. One able to bear up under whatever this world throws at us. Take heart! Take the new heart he offers.

We overcome because he has overcome on our behalf and we are in him. And in him, we have a peace the world can never provide.

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