Take a Moment to Delight in God and His Creation

3 Important Truths God Reminded Me Of While On Our Vacation

We just returned from Hawaii. And as I mentioned in a recent post, much of the trip tested my ability to push past my fears. But when I wasn’t trembling in terror, I found myself delighting in God and the beauty and diversity of his creation.

Matt snapped the picture below as he flew over the island of Kauai in a helicopter. These remote areas are inaccessible to humans. Yet, clearly they abound in the gorgeous flowers, trees, waterfalls, and rock formations found in the inhabited parts of the island.

That God created such detailed exquisiteness in places no human eye would ever behold fascinated me and reminded me of the truth articulated in Colossians 1:16, specifically that God created all things for himself.  I meditated on the truth and grace wrapped up in that concept and three lessons emerged.

Colossians 1:16, ESV

If you read (or at least skim) all the way through the rest of this post you will:

  • Slow down for a few minutes and revel in God’s presence and grandness.
  • Gain perspective on your own view of God and his ability to help you handle whatever comes your way.
  • Remember the unexhaustableness of his grace and mercy.
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My Takeaways

1. Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Truth and grace intersect with our lives constantly. But often we miss it because we move so fast and focus on everything but being receptive to God’s attempts to interact with us.

If you’re wondering why you can’t feel God’s presence, have a distracted or non-existent prayer life, or can’t hear him speaking into your heart, slow down.

Step off the crazy treadmill of constant motion. Put down the phone, computer or whatever other device seems permanently attached to you.

Come away with him to a quiet place and just be with Christ (Mark 6:31).

You don’t have to go to some exotic place to do this, either. Take a walk in your neighborhood, sit on your back porch, or just go sit in a quiet spot in your house.

2. Get Real About Who God Is and Who You Are

We aren’t as big a deal as we think we are. Staring up at the cliffs, being tossed around by the waves, and awed by the jaw-dropping beauty of it all humbled me.

All that majesty and artistry was brought forth by his Word for his delight. It all remains his, too.

view of Napali Coast

We can begin to think our efforts are what keep the world spinning.

Or, on the other hand, we can arrogantly and ignorantly act as if his creation is ours to do with any way we want.

I kept thinking of God’s answer to Job and Job’s response.

Standing on a tiny island in the midst of an immense ocean, pondering all the places, just on that speck of land, that no human eye has seen or hand has touched left me echoing Job, “I am unworthy—how can I reply to you?”

We love to compare ourselves with other people and things that make us feel superior, competent, and self-sufficient.

When we come face to face with the truth of who God is and what he is able to do, we begin to have a more accurate picture of who we are and the vastness of our need for him.

3. His Grace is Truly Amazing

The truth of God’s holiness and our lowliness would be incapacitating if it weren’t for God’s grace. But the grandness of the things God created reminded me of the grandness of his grace.

Because he knows our need and our inability to meet it, he did for us what we could not do for ourselves.

Christ, who had no sin, took our sin upon him and in doing so equipped us to put on his righteousness. (see 2 Corinthians 5:21)

There may be places on this earth that we can’t access, but because of his great grace, we can access the very throne room of God. (see Hebrews 4:16)

Perhaps because so much of this trip involved activities that terrify me, I was also vividly aware of God’s constant grace in the little moments of our lives.

He doesn’t love us because of our performance or abilities or lack thereof. He just loves us because he loves us; because of who he is not because of who we are.

And he delights in providing what we need (even when we have no idea we need it).

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