About Laura

Laura Naiser combines a genuine love and compassion for people with an incredible knowledge of scripture. When Laura speaks at your event, she will help you,

  • Say goodbye to an off-the-rack faith and hello to a custom-made walk with God.
  • Stand steady on a firm foundation even when the rug is ripped out from under you.
  • Diminish the chaos of an over-scheduled life and gain more peace and balance.
  • Resist perfectionism and people-pleasing by finding a better source of approval.
  • Find freedom from old hurts and strained relationships by equipping you to forgive and move forward with more peace, wisdom, and authenticity.

She Can Relate With Your Audience

She enjoys sharing the journey with those who have been walking with the Lord for many years, but she is equally comfortable walking alongside those who are unsure, struggling, and questioning. Laura’s transparent style invites participants to closely examine the contents of their spiritual basket and compare it to fresh insights from God’s Word. She leads her audience on a journey that is challenging, exciting, and personal.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Laura spent many years trying to “hide her crazy” until she emerged from the debilitating darkness of depression and shame into the light of God’s grace and truth in her mid-twenties. After sauntering into her first Bible study with a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore and a skepticism exceeded only by her cynicism, she became captivated by God’s Word and it totally changed her life. She has spent the years since passionately walking with Christ through this adventure of life.

Over 18 Years Experience

Laura has led Bible studies for over 18 years and loves to help people grow in their understanding of Scripture. In her former role as the Director of Discipling Ministries for a 4,500 member church, she emphasized a practical and personal approach to engaging people in Bible study.  Equipping people to make the most of the abundant life Jesus provides continues to be a priority as she serves on the Women’s Bible Study Team and teaches a Sunday School class for parents of school-aged children at her church in Georgetown, Texas.

Family and Hobbies

Laura feels blessed beyond belief to be wife to Matt, her husband of 22 years, and mom to Austin (14) and Justin (10). As the only female in this high testosterone home, she has adapted to funky smells, plenty of dirt, and lots of talk of hunting, fishing, and sports. When it gets to be too much, she escapes to her scrapbook room where she loses track of time in the creative process of cataloging all the fun they have together.Family Picture

Read What Others Are Saying About Laura

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