Behold the Glory of the One and Only Immanuel

Freebies Galore! Scripture Memory Verse Cards, Advent Coloring Page & Additional Study Resources!

With all the Christmas activity, I thought we might just take a few minutes to stop and reflect on the reason for our celebrations. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the gift-buying, party-hosting, and all the extra cooking, cleaning, and busyness that sweeps into our lives at this time of year and miss the miracle in the manager. The theme of Week 2 is Peace. And as it coincides with the week to choose my next memory verse for this year, I chose to focus on John 1:14. This verse beautifully expresses how we are made at peace with God.

Advent Week 2: Peace John 1:14

And I thought since it was such a beautiful day here today, I’d just step out on the porch and chat with you about what God brought to mind as I reflected on the words in this verse.

As I told you in the video, I’ve made several different freebies for you this week.


Freebies Galore!

Digging in Deeper to John 1:14

If you like to meditate on the Word through studying and listening to sermons and more intellectual pursuits, you’ll enjoy the additional resources I’ve curated for you in this PDF resource guide, Digging in Deeper to John 1:14.

In it, you’ll find links to a couple of sermons on this verse by C.H. Spurgeon as well as some of the online word-study and cross reference tools I use.  Just click on the image or button below to request this PDF and it will be sent instantly to you. You can print it out, but you’ll probably want to view it on your computer or smartphone so the links will be live. Then,  you can click on the links and open the resource.

Send me that Resource Guide, please!

Advent Coloring Page

If you like more of an experiential form of meditating on the Scripture, you might want to get the Advent coloring page I made of John 1:14. As you color in the words and pictures, feel your stress melting away and be aware of Immanuel this Advent season.


Scripture Memory Verse Cards

If you’re participating in the 2015 Scripture Memory Team and want the 3 x 5 printables to make a memory verse spiral or just to have memory verse cards you can place around your house, get this freebie. Click the button or image below and I’ll instantly email you a PDF with all 23 verse cards we’ve been working on so far this year.

Click Here to Get Your Printable Verses


Whatever freebie(s) you choose, I hope you spend some time reflecting on the amazing fact that the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us! Meditate on his glory as you wait for the blessed hope—the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ! (see John 1:14 and Titus 2:11-14)

How about you? What helps you meditate on the Word so you can behold the glory of God and experience his truth and grace? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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  • Pete A

    Just thought I’d mention what we’ve decided to do this Christmas – which, for us, has taken out almost all the hassle and left us feeling very good. (Like when you know you’ve done the right thing.) The kids (both in their early 30’s, it’s important to note, because we know this wouldn’t usually work for families with younger kids) were talking one night and decided that instead of buying each other Christmas gifts they’d go together, use the World Vision catalog (it’s a lot like Heifer International’s), and buy livestock (a cow, chickens, etc.) for some needy family, to help them be more self-sufficient. Then I chipped in and said “do that for me too, instead of buying me a gift.” All 4 of us talked and prayed about it some more, and came up with a “final” plan, which was (l) use the World Vision catalog as we’d discussed, and (2) split an additional gift of money between two orphanages. In our case, those are the- Beautiful Feet Global Outreach’s “Rose of Sharon” orphanage in Zimbabwe, and the Gentle Hands orphanage in Manila.