Our Family Took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Will You?

You’ve probably seen some of the hilarious videos of people getting buckets of ice water dumped over their heads to raise money and awareness for the ALS Association. This weekend, our youth pastor challenged all the sixth graders to take the challenge. My son, Justin, enthusiastically stepped up and proceeded to challenge other family members—including me! I’ve posted a  brief montage of our videos here. I hope you get a good laugh, and then join us in supporting the efforts of the ALS Association.

I was the only one in our family who didn’t have the sense to jump into the swimming pool as soon as the ice was dumped over me. The swimming pool was the quickest way to warm up.

I did my Ice Bucket Challenge in memory of Jean Ann Lautzenheiser. I was blessed to serve on several church committees with Jean Ann’s husband, Rich. This family set such an amazing example of how one’s faith can sustain through unimaginable suffering. They inspired so many.

Jean Ann, who loved the soft drink Mountain Dew, enlisted her supporters to don bright lime green t-shirts emblazoned with bright red letters proclaiming they were part of Jean Ann’s Dew Crew. The Dew Crew showed their support by participating in the annual Walk to Defeat ALS® event at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas. So, if you were a part of her Dew Crew, I’ve challenged you in my video to take the Ice  Bucket Challenge (if you haven’t already) and make a donation in memory of Jean Ann!

Who did we challenge? Watch and find out!

I also nominated a few of my friends to take the challenge and Matt issued a challenge to someone. You have to watch the video to see if we issued you a challenge!

If you’d like to participate, record your own chilling experience and post a link to your video on my Making It Real Ministries Facebook page and/or  in the comments below. To make a donation or get more information about the ALS Association, visit their website by clicking this link.

Your turn: Have you taken the challenge? If so, post a link to your video in the comments. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Davi Nabors

    That is great! And thanks for the nomination. The boys and I did it last week… I’ll email you the video and have you post it 🙂