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Schedule a time to chat about whatever is challenging you.

You pick the date/time that works best for you.

We will spend 15 minutes on the call. I'll mainly listen but will also prompt you with some questions that I hope will help you process your situation and gain some perspective and ideas for moving forward with more confidence and clarity. At the end of the call, if you like, I would love to pray for you. Of course, whatever you share will be treated as a sacred trust! 

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  • Process a particular dilemma.
  • Vent your biggest frustrations with other people, yourself, or even God.
  • Ponder why you think you struggle in a particular area of your life/relationships/faith.
  • Consider and share your answer to this question: "If I could say a prayer and get you the results you are after, what would those results look like?"
  • Talk with me about what you have already tried with regard to your current challenge that has NOT worked? Then let's brainstorm some new options.

I look forward to ministering to you!

I'm super-excited to get to be there for you to process and provide perspective and prayer. Thank you for allowing me to minister to you!

Laura Naiser 

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