Clear the Clutter Crowding Out Time For God

2015 Scripture Memory Team Verse 22

In the wee hours this morning, as severe storms thundered across the Dallas/Fort Worth area, my sister’s family awoke to the sounds of sirens blaring the dire warning of a tornado in their area. Lynette, Derek, the kids, and the dogs all made a mad dash to their tornado shelter.

Proverbs 18:10, NASB

Thankfully, the threat was soon over. As she recounted their frightful encounter, I thought of our own tornado shelter and wondered if we could even get in it should the need arise.

You see, in the years since we had it built, we haven’t had to use it for its intended purpose. So, it has slowly but surely become more of a closet for our clutter than a safe haven.

What would happen if the warnings blared in the night and we had to run for cover? Would the clutter hamper our efforts? I bet it would.

And that got me thinking how extraneous clutter in our schedules—especially at this time of year—can fill up and crowd out our true shelter, our relationship with the Lord!

As preparations for the holiday season swing into high gear, the gift-buying, party-planning, guest-hosting swirl of activity can easily crowd out our time with Christ. I know I’ve succumbed to that trap in the past.

So the conversation with my sister was a great wake-up call for me. It’s time to clear the clutter in our house and in my schedule so I can shelter in the strong and safe presence of Christ.

If you’re participating in the Scripture Memory Team with me, we are on Verse #22. I chose Proverbs 18:10 (from the NASB translation) as a way to remind me to where my security and focus need to remain.

()ptimized_Prov 18_10 NASB

I’ve made 3 x 5 Chalkboard Memory Verse Cards you can download and print out. There is one for each of the twenty-two verses we’ve covered so far this year, plus a cute cover featuring Psalm 119:11. I put mine in a little index card spiral but you might like to display yours in different places around your house or car.

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How about you? Do you ever feel like your schedule gets cluttered and it hampers your ability to feel God’s presence? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Pete A.

    Coincidence? We’ve been working on the cluttering thing too. Our daughter’s the leader. She keeps reminding us, especially to stop doing the “dropsies.” (Laying things down just anywhere.) And the Lord has reminded us (rather clearly) to start our day with prayer and praise. For most of us, our schedules do make that difficult. But those seem to be God’s priorities for us. So we try the best we can, and when we can’t start out that way, we do our best to fit them in when we DO have a few minutes: like breaks or lunchtime, And then to have a family prayer together after dinner, and Christian music.
    Re your previous post, on using time well (I’ll summarize it as pray/plan/prioritize), we added your advice to our plans, and had a GREAT, UNBELIEVBLE weekend + Monday. Had to take my wife 200 miles to see a medical specialist plus get glasses, plus a LONG list of things we couldn’t do here (small town). Everything “clicked,” from Home Depot having the exact number of special lights my daughter needed, to Winter Storm Ajax passing over us during the night and leaving the road dry enough to drive home the next night without the slightest problem (despite continuous Weather Bureau warnings to the contrary) – had to wonder if you were praying for us. – Btw, got some dramatic new-snow pics of the mountains and Bridal Veil Falls on the trip home; may send a few.

    • I did pray for you and your family. I was going to email you but realized if you were snowed in you wouldn’t be able to get to the library! Glad Ajax didn’t cause too much trouble for you. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the snowy mountains.

      So glad my previous post proved helpful to you! Thanks for letting me know.