What's Personal Coaching?

Have you ever set a goal but had trouble following through and taking action to make your dreams become your reality? How many times have you vowed to improve your relationships, deepen your faith, or make different choices when it comes your health and/or schedule? Have you ever felt confused and unsure how to move forward? 

If you're sick of floundering or getting a stream of good-intentioned advice but no practical progress, then personal coaching is for you!

The Christian life is meant to be shared. Your local church, pastors, and friends are crucial to maturing your faith. Ideally, those relationships nurture you to grow spiritually and fulfill your calling. 

As your personal coach, I supplement those resources and provide you with:

  • focused encouragement, 
  • loving accountability, and 
  • a structured process to accomplish your goals and make changes faster, with more confidence, and less frustration than you could on you own or with just your existing support system. 

A great coach provides an atmosphere of both truth and grace. Coaching equips you to stretch yourself so you can live out your values and fulfill God's calling. In my role as your coach, I support you as you discover solutions to your problems.

You determine what results you want to achieve, the pace of your progress, and the means by which you'll reach your desired outcome. I come alongside you, helping you go deeper, reach higher, and effectively walk out the dreams God puts on your heart. 

Are you motivated to address your real-life challenges, develop effective solutions, take action, and see results? If you answered yes, then let's get started...

My Coaching Sessions and Packages

FREE Consultation Session

I offer a complimentary, no-obligation, 50 minute consultation session to new clients.  

This is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other and for me to understand the outcome you want to achieve. 

You’ll gain a clear understanding of how I work, while making sure you feel confident deciding which coaching package best meets your needs.

We'll make sure you leave this initial session with a "quick win" that puts you on the pathway to your desired outcome.


Single Consulting Sessions

For some, the initial free consultation plus one or two individual sessions may be all you need to achieve amazing results! 

Single sessions work great for establishing goals, creating an action plan, or gaining clarity or perspective.

I you have a simple issue with which you need help getting started but you don't need ongoing support, encouragement and accountability to implement your action plans and accomplish your transformation, then booking an individual session or two may be your perfect solution. 

$65 per session

Book as needed! 

4-Session Quick Solution Package

Do you want quick results powered by ongoing support, encouragement and accountability? 

With the Quick Solution package we'll clarify your desired outcome, create your plan of action and follow-up to insure you implemented your plans, accomplish your goals, and conquer your challenges.

You set the agenda and choose the pace. If you want super-quick results choose to meet bi-weekly or weekly.

Or spread your four sessions out over longer intervals (up to monthly). 

4 Sessions for $220

Save $10 per session! 

Custom Abiding Advantage Package 

Have a complex quandry or more long-term goal or transformation in mind? Want to work at a more methodical and reflective pace? 

Then let's craft a custom package of 6 or more sessions to provide you an abiding relationship plus the on-going results you long to achieve. 

With these custom packages, you get an impressive pricing advantage over the single-session rate.

6+ Sessions Package

6 Sessions for $270

Save $20 per session!

Possible Coaching Topics

I coach Christians to make the most of their God-given gifts, talents, and blessings by applying biblical principles and God's truth and grace to their real lives.

Get inspired by the following ideas! But don't be limited by them.  

I would be honored to help you move forward on whatever God has called you to work on right now.  

Grow Spiritually

If your faith isn't as vibrant, meaningful, or relevant as you want it to be, I can help you draw closer to Christ in ways that fit your personality, season of life, learning styles and stage of spiritual maturity.  

I'll provide you with a clear path and simple strategies for assessing the current state of your faith with regard to prayer, worship, Bible study, and practical application.

We will consider your physical, emotional, intellectual, and time preferences and constraints.

Then we will develop a plan to enrich your relationship with Christ and better live out your faith to the best of your ability and to the glory of God.

Live Purposely and Set SMART Goals

Don't want to meander aimlessly through the days God blesses you with? Want to live intentionally instead? Then let's work together to develop your life plan and/or set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific goals.  

I'll help you gain clarity about your outcomes and motivations, get unstuck or get back on course should you stumble or become tempted to chase squirrels.

I'll share with you a proven process and equip you with a clear strategy to identify and pursue the plan God has for you.

Improve Your Relationships

Do you have a relationship or two that causes you stress, frustration, or heartache?  

Or maybe your bond with the most important people in your life is okay but isn't all it could be? 

We can work together to achieve the rapport you yearn for. 

I'll equip you with clarity, perspective, and skills to take your relationships to a more satisfying state.

I'll teach you how to identify boundary problems, develop solutions, and get meaningful results.

You'll also gain clarity about your priorites and how those impact your relationships.

Declutter Your Chaos

Are you craving more margin in your schedule or your environment?  

I can help you clear the clutter—whether its in your schedule, home or office.

We can tackle your closet, your calendar, or any area of your life that has become unmanageable. 

We'll work together to develop a pragmatic and plan to produce more peace and order in your life.

I'll teach you some "pruning" strategies that will cut back on unproductive habits and routines so you can truly flourish! 

An ongoing conflict had been wearing on me emotionally, spiritually, and physically for months. I needed of a safe place to unpack the situation and identify my part in it without feeling judged. At the same time, I also wanted the perspective of a strong believer who I respected and trusted to speak the truth in love to me. 

Laura's coaching supported and encouraged me on the scary journey out of what felt like a pit of confusion, anxiety, and manipulation. In fact, I got out my phone and took the first step before I even left our coaching session.

Laura provided me with the clarity and momentum to successfully put my plan into action. From this experience, I can honestly say I've grown spiritually, achieved healthier relationships, and found a sense of freedom and peace! 

Victoria Jones*

As a wife, mom, and salon owner I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to do everything for everyone and make everyone happy, but I was dropping balls left and right, disappointing everyone and driving myself completely insane. 

I didn't know how to say no.

Laura helped me identify my priorities and provided a framework for taming my out-of-control schedule and beating back my burnout. She provided perspective and much needed clarity. My coaching sessions resulted in a specific, practical plan of action. Laura gave me on-going encouragement and the accountability I needed to bring balance and sanity to my exhausted soul.  

And Laura didn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. She took time to really know me and come up with a personal plan of action. She asked relevant questions and helped me brainstorm effective strategies that embraced my creative personality and tendency to become easily distracted. She helped me identify and focus on what I do best and enjoy most. 

Quicker than I thought possible, I went from operating in crisis mode constantly on the doorsteps of checking into a facility that had a padded room and straight jacket for crazy women such as myself, to a much more peaceful and productive life. I'm learning to let go of unrealistic expectations and I've learned communication and boundary-setting skills that have transformed how I relate with my family, friends, clients and coworkers. 

My most important relationships are getting more of the attention they deserve, my business is thriving, and I'm enjoying my life on a whole new level!

—Cameron Amthor


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What Personal Coaching Is NOT?

To be clear, coaching is NOT:

  • a substitute for healthy relationships with your local church, pastors, and friends. 
  • professional counseling or psychotherapy.  
  • a gripe-fest, pity-party, or venue for blaming others for your problems. 

While coaching IS a one-on-one relationship, it is NOT:

  • the same as two friends getting together to hang out and chat. 
  • a replacement for healing emotional, psychological, or spiritual wounds through professional therapy.

Coaching is designed to help healthy people further improve their lives, accomplish goals, and gain clarity or perspective on a frustrating or challenging situation. 

So if you want a Christian coach to help you focus forward and get results...