Don’t Hide Your Crazy!

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Miranda Lambert’s song “Mamma’s Broken Heart” resonates with me. The line I like best is: “Run and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady, ’cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together even when you fall apart….” This song resonates with me because I lived that way for many years.

Well, not always the part about acting like a lady, but the hide your crazy part. What a waste. Hiding our crazy doesn’t do us or anyone else any good! Sharing our crazy—in appropriate ways—is actually a much better way to live.

Sharing our crazy is good for us, good for others, and good for the kingdom of God. Wow, that’s a pretty big claim. Let me explain.

It’s good for us.

When we share appropriately the reality of our lives, it allows us to access healing resources and form meaningful relationships; the most important of which is a relationship with Christ. That is good for us.

It’s good for others.

Once we find peace and healing and then share our stories with broken and hurting people, they can find healing, too. That’s good for them.

It’s good for God’s kingdom.

When we share our stories of how Jesus brought us peace, we participate in building the kingdom. That’s good for the kingdom.

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My Crazy Story

Sometimes we try so hard to hide our crazy we prevent people from getting to know the real us. Back when I was into hiding my crazy, I wore a “I’ve got it all together” mask and acted as if I had always had it together. When truthfully, pain and bad choices were a real part of my story. That was bad for me because as long as I hid my brokenness I also hid from the possibility of healing. However, once I found a safe place and safe people with whom I could take off the mask, I learned I wasn’t alone. There were others who had experienced pain and brokenness, too. They shared with me how they found healing and introduced me to the source of their peace and wholeness: Jesus.

But even after I got to know Jesus, I kept wearing my mask around others. Although I knew Jesus had accepted me, I thought no one else would accept me if they knew the truth about me. It was a lonely, exhausting, and unfruitful way to live. Who knows how many people I encountered who were doing the same thing. Because we were hiding our crazy there was no opportunity for me to tell them how Jesus had healed my brokenness. And in hiding, I was limiting my experience of the abundant life Jesus offered me.

It is impossible to live abundantly in a false reality. In John 10:10, Jesus tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (ESV) My false reality was a thief. It was killing, stealing, and destroying me. Living falsely robbed me of real life. Thankfully, I got over my need to hide my crazy.

I’ll Take Real Security Over a False Reality, Thank You!

I finally realized my security is not found in meeting the expectations of others, but rather in my relationship with Jesus.

That freed me to share my real self. And as I did, it was natural that I would share how Jesus had transformed my broken, empty, fearful life.

Verse 10 in Psalm 40 comes to mind. I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness. (ESV)  You see, I can’t share my story without sharing how my relationship with Jesus delivered me from suffering and shame. The two go hand in hand.

Something wonderful happened as I began to live out of my acceptance by Christ and not worry about whether others would accept the real me. I became focused on providing hope and healing to others instead of worrying about what people thought of me. I shared the real me and so the relationships I formed were authentic and meaningful rather than superficial. I had the opportunity to introduce others to Jesus and watch as He transformed their lives. Sharing my crazy allowed me to more fully experience the abundant life Jesus came to give us.

A Sweet Reminder

An encounter this past week reminded me of the benefits of sharing the real me—crazy and all. I welcomed someone I wanted to get to know better into my home, which was badly in need of dusting and mopping. We flopped down on our comfy but well worn furniture and began to chat. As we sipped tea and enjoyed the warm fire in the fireplace, the conversation turned to what our lives were like in high school. I shared some of  my crazy with her— how broken I had been in my teens and twenties. And I shared about how getting to know Jesus personally, rather than intellectually or as a religious figure, transformed my life and brought me the peace I had searched for all my life. Then the conversation turned back to other things. I wasn’t sure what she thought of me or my story.

This morning, I ran into her and told her how much I enjoyed our visit. She said the most amazing thing. She told me how glad she was to find out I wasn’t perfect. (That anyone could think I might be normal, much less perfect, cracked me up!) But I think what she meant was it was comforting to be with someone who wasn’t trying to portray being perfect. Those things I had once carefully hid were the very things she found comforting. How cool is that?

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Question: Anyone else have a story about how sharing your crazy was good for you, others, or the kingdom? Or maybe you’ve experienced the comfort of being with someone who was willing to be real and not try to pretend to be perfect. What was that like for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Lisa

    This is great, Laura. So “real” and a perfect reminder for this day.

    • Thanks Lisa! I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  • Jennifer

    I used this post last night when talking to my teenage daughter…..I do hope letting her know about my crazy will help her open up to me! She seemed skeptical of my confessions, but maybe in time, it will help!

    • Awesome! I think it is great when we as parents can offer our kids the wisdom we learned the hard way. Hopefully they will see us as real people with struggles (rather than just “Mom, you don’t understand!” We can share how God’s way and wisdom can keep us out of trouble and how His grace can redeem the messes we get ourselves into when we go our own way. Bravo for you for being brave and sharing with your daughter! She is blessed to have a mamma like you!

  • Cathie Walling

    Laura, this is really good. This reminds me of something I like to say, “God can’t heal what we conceal..” As a Christian counselor I learned some time ago that this being real includes exposure with God and with someone you trust. Amazing things happen. So…Time to get real, not conceal. What is left for God to heal? I’m Rappin. It’s some of My Crazy!

    • I love this! I’d love to tweet/FB your saying! May I quote you? That is too good not to share. I agree totally with what you’ve said here. It has just been humbling and awe-inspiring to see what God can do in relationships and lives when we are willing to get real with Him and others. And by the way…love the rappin! It is going to be going through my head all day.

    • Cathie Walling

      Sure, feel free to quote

  • “When we share appropriately the reality of our lives, it allows us to access healing resources and form meaningful relationships!” Yes!!
    I never thought of it. That by sharing our crazy openly people can share healing resources with us, and our relationships become more meaningful because they are based on truth. Thank you, Laura, well said!!

    • Anita – I’ve enjoyed your blog and I’m so happy you stopped by to visit mine. Even more so since you found something helpful here!

      I’ve been on both ends (Being a resource for others and opening myself up to someone and therefore learning of resources) and either way blessing is the result of being real with others. I just loved what Cathie said in her comment: “God can’t heal what we conceal.” Brilliant!

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  • Kacie Wheeler

    Laura, I found your blog through Jeff Goins’ intentional blogging challenge and I have read and read and read, feeling like we’re kindred spirits 🙂 “It is impossible to live abundantly in a false reality. ” Yup!! I especially connect with this one as sharing my crazy has completely and irrevocably changed the entire direction of my life, thank you for writing it.

    • Kacie, I’m so glad you connected with my posts. Funny how God’s timing works…I was just over on Jeff’s blog earlier today signing up for his intentional blogging challenge. If you found me via the list of participating blogs it must have been just a few minutes after my entry appeared on the list. Love Jeff’s stuff. Let me know where you are blogging at (or will be blogging) as I would love to visit your site. I hope you’ll subscribe and jump into the comments and add to our discussions on Making It Real Ministries often! It sounds like you have much to contribute and I’d love to hear more of your story!

      • Kacie Wheeler

        I have just set up my 4th blog (and migrated a few posts over):

        • I just checked out your blog and you are correct: we are kindred spirits! I left a couple comments on your posts. Really great writing, by the way! Thanks so much for engaging. I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more of your posts.

          And I want to encourage my readers to go visit Kacie at her blog (see link above). Be sure and leave her a comment – we bloggers love to hear from our readers!

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