Take this quiz and get customized tips to improve focus and productivity!

It's way more helpful than knowing which Disney Princess you are...

I love a good online quiz. Don’t you?  But so many of them are just a waste of my already limited time. I mean, c’mon… “Which Disney princess are you?”  (So not helpful for my daily life.)

However, I just discovered a quiz that actually helped me understand myself better and gave me some concrete tips to capitalize on my strengths and shore up my weaknesses in the area of productivity and focus.

Michael Hyatt has just opened access to his online Personal Productivity Assessment. It’s the best kind of quiz. FREE. QUICK. EASY. And actually helpful for your life.

Now, you’ve likely heard me sing the praises of Michael Hyatt in the past. He is my online mentor and one of the main reasons I have a website and online ministry at all! Here is a pic of Michael and me at the SheSpeaks conference in 2013.


In addition to being a godly leader with decades of experience in the Christian publishing industry, he is a productivity whiz! And he’s a great teacher!

I have invested in several of his online courses and reaped amazing rewards from each one. Basically, I jump on whatever this man creates because his content always improves my life. And while his content is directed to a general audience, I like that his Christian beliefs provide the framework for everything he teaches.

His latest tool is centered on helping you assess how focused and productive you are.

I know myself well enough to know I struggle in this area. I’ve improved over the last few years, but this is just not my area of strength. So when I saw he had something that would not just tell me what I already know, but actually provide me with some tips and teaching on how to improve, you better believe I was clicking on the link and taking that quiz.

In the quiz, Michael asks you a series of questions about productivity, and you answer according to your own habits and systems. At the end, he gives you a productivity score — AND tells you exactly what you need to do to improve.

I just took it. And I got so much out of it I thought you might like to give it a go. Click here to access it while you can. (It’s only open for a few days, and you won’t want to miss it!)

Blessings of truth and grace,


Laura Naiser


P.S. In case you were wondering…

My Disney princess is Belle.

And my productivity score is 53. I’m operating at the frustration level, but now I at least know what strengths to capitalize on and what areas to shore up. Here’s a screen shot of part of my results summary.

P.P.S. Once you take the assessment, post a comment on my Facebook page, send me a Tweet, or email me and let me know what YOUR biggest takeaway is from the assessment. (And if you want, share your score with me. I am curious!) I’m blocking off some time in my calendar to read every reply and I am super excited to hear back from you!

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