The Importance of Authentic Friendship & Highlights from Women of Faith

2015 Scripture Memory Team Verse 19

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a group of Making It Real Ministries subscribers at the Farewell Tour of Women of Faith in Dallas. The short little video below will show you some of the highlights of our experience. The importance of authentic friendships was evident in our interactions, the speakers’ talks, and the scenes all around us. And so I chose a verse related to this theme as my Scripture Memory Team Verse 19. If you’d like a set of Chalkboard Printables featuring the nineteen verses featured so far this year, just click here and I’ll email them to you.

1 John 4:11, NIV

In a culture in which the National Science Foundation’s General Social Survey revealed one in four people have no one with whom they can talk about their personal troubles or triumphs, it was refreshing to see, hear, and experience the benefits of real relationships.

So many people today have “friended” and been “friended” by a multitude of people on Facebook and other social media sites but lack many, if any real friends with whom they can authentically share their real lives.

There is a big difference between being friended and being a friend. And while it can be scary to reveal our true selves to others, the rewards of the abundant life awaiting you on the other side of that risk are worth it!

Get Real with God First

It is much easier to get real with others once we have gotten real with God. When we get real with God, when we understand and truly believe God’s love for us through Christ, we become children of God. (See John 1:12)

Our relationship with God through Christ provides us with a security from which we can risk sharing our true selves with others. When we know we are accepted by God, we aren’t as desperate for the approval and acceptance of other people. This allows us to risk authenticity with others.

And the more authentic we are in our relationships with others, the more those relationships bless us and others. We enjoy the fruit of truly knowing our friends and being known by them. We are able to offer our lives and our stories back to God as living sacrifices through which we can comfort others with comfort we have received from God (see 2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

I want to encourage you to bring your real self to God and find the acceptance and security you long for. And then take your accepted and loved self out into the world and love others with the same love with which Christ has loved you.

Highlights from Women of Faith in Dallas

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How about you? Did you attend Women of Faith in Dallas and if so what were some of your favorite highlights? Or, what Scripture are you currently working on storing in your heart and mind? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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