How to Accept Jesus As Your Personal Savior

In John 15, Jesus uses a metaphor to explain how God, through Christ, restores our relationship to what he intended for it to be. This beautiful word picture illustrates how God, our divine Gardener, grafts believers into the True Vine, Jesus.

Are you ready to accept his offer and ground your identity and security in Christ? Do you want to accept God’s offer to have Jesus’ holiness and righteousness be credited to you? Will you surrender to the Gardener as he reshapes and redirects you for your good and the good of his kingdom?

If your answer is yes, then scroll down below the graphic for information about how to pray to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. If you’re not sure of your answer and want to know more about Jesus and how he can change your life, click here to visit for more information and other resources you might find helpful.

You accept his offer with a prayer in which you express with your mouth what you believe in your heart. You merely talk to God and admit you need Jesus. Agree with him you are a sinner in need of his grace. Tell him you turn from your sin and toward him (you repent). Confess you believe Jesus’ death paid for your sins, that Jesus rose from death, and you accept him as your Lord and Savior.

You can use your own words or pray the following prayer:

Heavenly Father, I know I am not holy and sinless as you are. I am a sinner in need of your grace and forgiveness. I turn from my sins and trust that when Jesus, your Son, died on the cross he paid the price of my sin. I believe Jesus rose from the dead and I accept him as my Lord and Savior. Come into my heart and make me new.

Direct and shape me and help me live in ways that show I am now grafted into the True Vine. Help me bear fruit that glorifies you. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Tell someone your good news!

If you prayed to accept Christ, please tell a Christian friend and ask them to help you get started in your new life. And I would be blessed if you let me know, too. Please drop me a line via the Contact page or email me at I would love to celebrate with you and pray for you!