In the Word Wednesdays – Summer 2014 – Invitation and Overview

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to try something new! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy Bible study more when I study with a group of people. There is something about sharing insights and questions with one another, as well as the accountability, that makes group Bible study more rewarding for me. Is that true for you, too?

I thought it would be fun to periodically do an online study here on the blog. We will figure it out as we go, but this post outlines how I think it will work.

In this post, I’ve provided the key facts you’ll want to know to decide if this is for you. If you still have a question after reading this, just email me and I’ll get you the answers you need.

What We Will Study

My blogger friend, Kathy Howard, recently released her latest Bible study and the theme intrigued me. Her study, Embraced by Holiness: the Path to God’s Daily Presence, emphasizes how to have closer fellowship with our Lord.  It goes along very well with my study, Remaining in the Vine: Cultivating an Intimate Relationship with Jesus in an Insanely Busy and Superficial World.

When & How We Will Study

You can watch the videos and participate in the discussion/comments whenever it is convenient for you! 

I’ve called it In the Word Wednesdays because I originally did this study during the summer of 2014 (July 2 through August 11) on Wednesdays. Join the study using the button below. Once you subscribe you’ll get an email with each new lesson on Wednesday! However, you can participate whenever you like.

Not sure yet? Need more info? Read on…

Embraced by Holiness is a 6-week study, but again, take as much time as you need. Several people started and had to take some time off because of family emergencies, vacations, etc. That is what is great about this format. It is there waiting for you and you won’t miss a thing.

Each week, I’ll share a 10-15 minute video highlighting some key points from the previous week’s homework. I’ll pose some discussion questions and you can post your responses in the comments of each week’s post.

Obviously with this being a public forum, our sharing will be different than if we were in a private room with each other. But I encourage you to share your responses at the level you are comfortable with so we can all benefit from each other’s insights and ideas.

I will check and respond to comments as soon as possible. I usually respond within an hour or two (sometimes right away). And you’ll see and benefit from the comments of other participants.

I encourage you to get some friends together in your home (or wherever you like to meet) and do the study as a small group. You’ll be able to have more personal discussions, and it is just plain fun! You can watch the video together, discuss the questions in your group, and post some highlights for us on the blog!

But if you are flying solo, no worries. You won’t be alone. We can have a great discussion in our comments section.

Registration and Outline of Sessions

Launch: Introduction & Registration

If you want me to send you the post each Wednesday via email, just fill in the form below. If you do that I’ll send you the Launch session immediately and then one lesson a week for the remainder of the course.

If you don’t want the posts to come to you via email, you can just visit the In The Word Wednesday posts whenever you like. In that case, you will “register” for In the Word Wednesdays by leaving a comment on the Launch post. I will give you specific instructions in the video.

There is no cost to participate. You just need to purchase your book from your favorite bookseller. (FYI, you may not find this book on the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores, so I’ve found it easiest to just order from Amazon via this link.

After you watch the first video and respond in the comments, work on the homework for Week 1 over the course of the next week. There are five days of homework and they should take about 20 – 30 minutes per day.

Week One

In Week One’s homework and video we explore God’s holiness and discover why holiness matters in our lives. You’ll watch the video after you have completed the homework. The video provides instructions for that day’s discussion. Be sure to leave your comments. Just share to the level you’re comfortable, but be sure to join in the discussion!

After that, begin the five days of homework for Week Two.

Week Two

In our second week, we explore the various ways God reveals his holy nature to all humanity. After you’ve completed your homework, watch the video and respond to the questions in the comments.

After that, begin the five days of homework for Week Three.

Week Three

This week, we read several Scripture accounts of people encountering God and how they responded. These positive and negative responses help us prepare to respond appropriately to God’s holy presence. Watch the video and leave your comments as part of that day’s discussion.

After that, begin the five days of homework for Week Four.

Week Four

This week explained the difference between positional holiness (justification) and progressive holiness (sanctification). Watch the video then leave your comments for that day’s discussion.

After that, begin the five days of homework for Week Five.

Week Five

In our fifth week, we examined what grateful, redeemed lives look like. Watch the video and join the discussion in the comments.

After that, begin the five days of homework for Week Six.

Week Six

In our last week together, we get very practical! How do we practically embrace holiness in our day-to-day lives? Watch the video and share your responses in the comments.

After that, you’re done.

Sound fun? Are you in?

Click the button below to get registered!

I am so excited to study God’s Word with you. As we study and share we will grow spiritually, but I’m also excited to get to know you through our discussions. It is a privilege to minister to you via my blog posts, and doing Bible study together is going to be such a joy!

I can’t wait to get started!

Blessings of truth and grace,





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