Join Me on Periscope Today (or watch the replay)

Live at 11:45 am today (replay up for 24 hours)

Let’s Periscope! I’ll be discussing Monday’s blog post regarding making a fresh start this September and how important self-control is to accomplishing our goals and living the life God calls us to live. Self-control is a real struggle for me, so I’m speaking from the perspective of a fellow traveler, certainly not an expert! Lots of grace along with God’s truth about this subject.

If you don’t know how to Periscope, it is super easy. I’ve made you a simple step-by-step guide to getting on Periscope; just click the image or button and I’ll email it to you.

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It’s really simple! Here is the basic overview:

When I “scope” I talk to you via live stream video. While you are not on camera, you do get to interact with me and the other people on the scope through the chat feature. You can type in your questions and comments on the chat bar and those scroll over the screen.

You can also send me some love and encouragement by tapping the screen which makes little hearts float up the side of the screen. (Doing this live is scary so seeing some hearts is really encouraging).

Of course, you can also just watch the broadcast without chatting; in fact, the app limits the chat to the first 200 people to log on to the scope. After that, you can watch but you can’t chat.

When I go live you’ll get a notification on your phone. Then, you jump on and join the fun. If you can’t make it live, you have 24 hours to watch it, but you won’t be able to interact, ask questions, and make comments. So jumping on live right away is best! After 24 hours, Periscope automatically deletes the video and you’ll miss out on that helpful content.

FREE Gift: Scripture Bookmark Set

If you didn’t get your bookmark set on Monday, you can pick it up here. These are some of the verses I’ve found helpful on this topic. I hope you enjoy these little bookmarks. You can leave one in your Bible, and maybe tuck the others around your house or car. I find it helpful to have them in areas where I am likely to face some temptations. Just click on the image or button below and I’ll email you the PDF file to print out. I recommend you print it on cardstock to make it more sturdy.

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See you over on Periscope!

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