Do you ever feel burned out or overwhelmed? Do you long for more peace and purpose in your life? If so Remaining in the Vine is perfect for you.

In our over-scheduled lives, it is easy to find our faith becoming one more thing on our to do list. Despite being up to our eyeballs in people and projects, we can find ourselves feeling alone and hungering for more meaningful relationships.

Come to the True Vine and find the peace, purpose and meaning awaiting you in a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ!

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Remaining in the Vine contains four lessons with practical and personal insights and practices that will help you:

“The best way to read and apply the Bible comes from seeing how it connects to real life.
In Remaining in the Vine, Laura explores what it takes to develop and nurture a growing walk
with God when the weeds of the world have overgrown your life.
Her personal stories, biblical insights, and insightful questions allow you to
discover the Bible's solutions to daily challenges—answers that can cultivate life change.
Ideal for personal or group study, Remaining in the Vine will encourage you
to keep going when you're not sure you can. "

Wayne Stiles
author of
Waiting on God:  What to do when God does nothing

This book is for you if you:

Wonder if Jesus is merely an abstract historical figure or someone with whom  you can have an actual relationship.

Feel weary and fed up with a faith lived out as just one more thing on your to do list.

Hunger and thirst for a deeper, more meaningful fellowship with Christ.

“Laura's Remaining in the Vine was great to help remind me of who I belong to and how to remain close to Jesus in my day-to-day activities. Awesome study!”—Carlin O'Keefe

As you read Remaining in the Vine you will:

Grasp the primary importance of your relationship with God through Christ.

Recognize that the natural by-product of an intimate connection with Jesus is a life that glorifies our heavenly Father.

Identify how damage or neglect weakens your bond with Christ and determine what results from a damaged or depleted attachment.

Perceive the grace God exercises when he prunes you and discover your potential to bear more fruit.

Gain practical strategies for nurturing your union with Christ.

A Word From The Author

“I'm excited to share this study with you. This book contains the insights gained on my long, prayerful journey out of a spiritual desert. In the wilderness, I agonized, grieved, and questioned my faith. Ultimately, I emerged refreshed by the living water that flows from close communion with God.

It is my prayer that the lessons God taught me from that experience might encourage and strengthen you in your own fellowship with Christ.”