Are you longing for a closer walk with Christ? Do you find yourself up to your eyeball with people and projects but still somehow feeling a bit lonely and empty? Remaining in the Vine is just for you.

This Bible study brings you to the source of peace: Jesus, the True Vine. Think of this as your guide to stepping out busy-mode and into his calming presence.

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“The best way to read and apply the Bible comes from seeing how it connects to real life. In Remaining in the Vine, Laura explores what it takes to develop and nurture a growing walk with God when the weeds of the world have overgrown your life. Her personal stories, biblical insights, and insightful questions allow you to discover the Bible's solutions to daily challenges—answers that can cultivate life change. Ideal for personal or group study, Remaining in the Vine will encourage you to keep going when you're not sure you can."

Dr. Wayne Stiles - Author of Waiting on God


Remaining in the Vine contains a four-session Bible study designed to get you into the powerful presence of Christ through his Word.


The grace you need to soothe your stressed soul. The truth you need to find lasting peace.


Each day's lesson will take you into the Scriptures where you will gain encouragement and inspiring insights.


Move through the four sessions at your own pace. Each session contains five smaller units to allow you time to process what God is revealing to you.


Use the questions as individual journaling or reflection prompts OR if you're studying with friends use these as discussion starters.


Have a question? Need some clarification? Just shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you!


Take the ideas, resources, and experience you gain and use it every day forward to nurture your relationship with Christ.

“I really enjoyed this study. Thank you for being real and sharing your story and life with us in this beautiful study. I loved your style of writing and the history you brought to your messages. It was interesting, inspiring, and funny."

Rene Boone

Anchored in John 15:1–9

The study is rooted in Jesus' farewell instructions to his closest friends and disciples. In these words, our Lord prepared his followers for challenges, trials, and chaos they would face after his death. He gave them the knowledge and spiritual tools they would need to stand firm and not fall away. In this book, we mine Jesus' advice and apply it to our modern day lives.

Come to the True Vine!

Jesus explained how he is the source of true life. Only when we are firmly affixed to him will we bear much fruit and glorify our Heavenly Father. 

So come to the True Vine and find the peace and hope awaiting you.


Grow stronger as you grasp the primary importance of your relationship with Christ.

Bear much fruit as a natural result of abiding in the True Vine.

Identify what damages or weakens your bond with Jesus so you avoid the withering results of a depleted connection.

Discover the grace and blessings God brings in the sometimes painful pruning process.

“I loved how Laura's Remaining in the Vine helped remind me who I belong to and how to remain close to Jesus in my day-to-day activities. Awesome study!"

Carlin O'Keefe

A Word From The Author

“I'm excited to share this study with you. This book contains the insights gained on my long, prayerful journey out of one of the toughest periods in my life. In the midst of my chaos, I fretted, lashed out, and even questioned my faith. In this study, I share how I emerged refreshed by and refocused on Jesus.

It is my prayer that the lessons God taught me will encourage and strengthen you in your own fellowship with Christ.”

“Laura Naiser brings the Word to life better than anyone I know. She's not only trustworthy, but knowledgeable and entertaining. In my opinion, there is no one who makes the Bible more relatable and approachable."

Miranda Bradley - Author of Blessed Are The Jesus Chicks


Why put off taking your relationship with Jesus to the next level? You can buy Remaining in the Vine right now for only $10. The book comes with a 30-day 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.



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