You Can Say YES to Saying NO!

Sign up for a free* coaching session and I will help you rapidly gain the knowledge and confidence to respond with guilt-free NOs when you need to! 

FREE "Say YES to Saying NO" Coaching Session

*Free for new coaching clients. Rate for existing clients is $65.

Your Coach

Laura Naiser, Founder of Making It Real Ministries, 

During This Free Session, You Will:

1. Create a customized Strategy for Saying No in a situation you are currently struggling with in your life. You pick the scenario you want to work on and we will create a simple, yet powerful, 7-Step plan tailored specifically to your "I feel like I can't say no" case. You'll finish the session empowered with the beliefs, strategies, and practice you need to respond confidently and without guilt! 

2. Discover what's tripping you up when it comes to saying NO. Whether you're hamstrung by limiting beliefs, worried about what others will think of you, or just baffled about how to handle a pushy or manipulative neighbor, PTA volunteer, co-worker, or whomever, I'll coach you how to apply the 5 Secrets to Saying No and transform your people-pleasing, stressed-out, overwhelmed self into a powerful steward of your God-given gifts, talents, and resources.

3. Have the support and encouragement from someone who has been where you're at and knows how scary it can feel to know you NEED to say NO but just can't seem to get that tiny word out of your mouth when put on the spot. This coaching session will transform your perspective and equip you with an easy-to-follow process for discerning when and how to say NO without being selfish or feeling guilty.  

WARNING: Appointments are limited and these FREE trainings fill up fast because they provide the kind of results you'd typically pay hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) for… but you'll get your results for free.