The best bible study I’ve done in a long time…

Seamless by Angie Smith is a study well worth your time!

If you’ve ever felt like the Bible was a bit overwhelming or confusing, you’re not alone. Even those of us who grew up in the church hearing all the various stories are likely to think of the sixty-six books as separate books in a library rather than one seamless story of truth and grace. But that is exactly what the Word of God is: it’s a beautiful story whose plot runs from the first word of Genesis to the last words in Revelation.

Last fall I had the pleasure of participating in a study of Angie Smith’s Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story. In seven weeks and with a delightfully transparent and fun style, Angie guides her readers through the adventure that is the Scriptures.

In down-to-earth, everyday language, Angie helps you see the people, places, and promises of God’s Word as one graceful thread woven throughout the Bible. Seeing the “satellite” view, as it were, helps you get your bearings when you later zoom in and study a particular section of the sacred text.

The seven weeks you spend with Angie will dramatically change how you understand the Bible.

Angie’s tour will bring fresh perspective and a breadth and depth of understanding to the entirety of Scripture.

Simple but Not Simplistic Approach

I found her book to be approachable without being simplistic. She tackles complex theological topics in a style that feels like good friends chatting over a latte rather than a professor in a classroom. Her ability to connect Scripture with messy, real-life circumstances is a true gift!

This study would be ideal for an individual or small group. It lends itself to an intimate discussion and personal reflection. Yet, it also worked wonderfully for our large women’s Bible study group at church.

Teen Version Available As Well

And Angie offers a version specifically for teen girls. What a fabulous way to introduce the young ladies in your life to the the story of God’s truth and grace! You and Angie will equip them with a solid biblical foundation and set them out on a life-long love of studying the Word. The entire Student edition complete with member book and DVDs is on $60 via amazon.

Affordable Video Bundle

There are video lessons available for download from Lifeway has a bundle price of only $24 if you download all seven sessions at once. Or you can download each session individually. If you’d rather get the DVDs you can buy the leader kit for $70 from Lifeway.

Here is a little sample overview video:

Just wanted to share this wonderful resource with you.

FYI, if you purchase through the links, you’ll be helping support my ministry because I’ll receive a tiny referral fee—and by tiny I mean 4% so obviously that ain’t why I’m recommending this study;)  Any referral fees will be put towards covering my costs of running the website. There is no affiliate connection via Lifeway.

If you try Seamless (or if you’ve done the study already) I’d love to hear your thoughts on this study. 

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  • Pete A.

    Sounds like an excellent book! will have to put that on my list, along with Gordon Fee’s. Look forward to reading them.
    If I can ever get to the library through all the snow (1 of our 2 cars is still blocked in), I have the 2 chapters on “Loving our families” set up in separate files to hopefully make them work better whenever I can get to the library to send you.(One emphasizes what the Bible teaches, the other ways that we’ve found help us do it.) Will send most chapters 1 at a time. You’re busy. These 2 are so closely linked, tho, we thought sending at the same time was most likely best.
    Best wishes, prayers, and blessings.

    • Stay safe and warm in all that snow! I got the chapters you sent and am looking forward to reading those! Thanks!

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