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Never again lose those
life-changing insights and application ideas
from the sermons you hear!

This book is the ideal place to capture insights from God’s truth and grace so you can better review and apply them in your daily life.

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Unique Features Make It Easy to Find Key Info

No more taking notes on the worship bulletin or scratch paper only to wonder where those ended up when you need to reference them.

Now, when you are trying to remember what your pastor taught on a certain topic, just flip to the Table of Contents or your handy index and you’ll know exactly where to find your notes and applicable Scriptures.

Plenty of Note-Taking Space in a Convenient Size

The compact size slips easily in a purse, backpack, tote-bag or Bible cover. Yet the pages provide ample note-taking space and features for categorizing key ideas for easy reference later.

This book equips you to:

  • Record insights, lessons, and questions from the sermons you hear throughout the year in one handy place.
  • Jot down ideas for applying what you learned.
  • Retrieve key ideas and Scripture references by topic or date.

Helpful features include:

  • A Table of Contents with the date, topic, speaker, and key Scripture references associated with a particular sermon.
  • 52 note-taking guides plus overflow pages in the back should you need the extra space.
  • Alphabetized index pages allow you to quickly and easily look up Scriptures, sermons or key ideas by topic or keyword.

Standard Paperback

6" x 9"


6" x 9"